GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

Introduced in the summer of 2012, the Integrated Reasoning section (IR) is the newest addition to the GMAT. Unlike the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the test, for which we have years of data pertaining to scoring and methodology, IR is at this juncture a bit of a mystery to teachers, administrators, and students alike. [...]

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategies

Although the tasks you are required to perform on the Reading Comprehension section of the GMAT are without question some of the most routine and familiar on the exam – namely reading a text and responding to a set of questions about that text – many students nonetheless report approaching the passages with tremendous anxiety. [...]

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Parallel Structure in GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

Like so many potentially frustrating questions on the GMAT, sentence correction questions can best be approached methodically and patiently. Armored with a bit of knowledge and training, any GMAT test taker will find it possible to move through these questions with efficiency and ease. Indeed, with the right preparation, your performance on sentence corrections might [...]

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Number Properties Questions

Number properties questions are more common on the GMAT Quantitative section than most test-takers would like. In all the years I’ve spent teaching and tutoring this test, I’ve seen few questions approached with more apprehension and dread than questions concerning number properties. This is unfortunate principally because these questions are not at all difficult when [...]

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GMAT Critical Reasoning Strategies

Although GMAT Critical Reasoning questions come in several different varieties, the most common are by far and away those involving an unstated assumption upon which the correct answer depends. These questions usually take one of the following formats: “Which of the following would (strengthen/weaken) the argument?” and “The argument above assumes which of the following?” [...]

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