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SAT Writing: Misplaced Modifiers

Many sentences begin with their subjects. But others start with a descriptive phrase known as a modifier, followed by a comma. Here are a few examples, with each modifier italicized: Jumping up and down incessantly, the little boy annoyed all the passengers on the airplane. […]

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The SAT Essay: Thinking Fast

Many people dread the idea of writing an essay for the SAT. Most students especially fear the essay section’s element of surprise: What’s the essay topic going to be? And how can I come up with ideas when I only have twenty minutes to write? Well, you won’t know the essay topic in advance. But [...]

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Finding the Clues in Sentence Completions

Every sentence completion question has at least one clue. In fact, the writers of these types of SAT problems must put clues into the sentences; otherwise, there would be no way for you, the test-taker, to know word(s) the writers want. Consider the following sentence: My sister Natalie is very _____________. […]

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The SAT: An Overview

In the previous SAT Tips blog, we wrote about fear of the SAT. Fear often comes from what we don’t know. One of the ways to vanquish the fear is to get acquainted with the test. So we’re going to provide an all-encompassing perspective on the test, so that you know what you’re dealing with. [...]

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Fear and the SAT

Three scary letters: S-A-T. And, no, I don’t mean the abbreviation for the word “Saturday.” I mean the standardized test high-schoolers take to obtain admission to colleges and universities. Talk to almost anybody who’s taken it and almost anybody who’s about to take it, and you’ll realize that fear plays huge, memorable part in the [...]

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