Anthony S.

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Anthony S.

About Me

I graduated from CSULB with my MA in English Rhetoric and Composition, and hold a BA in History from Oberlin College.

My Teaching Experience

I have taught English, the writing process, research skills, and professional communication periodically at CSULB since 2008. I currently teach at an international school in Santa Monica covering all areas of English from grammar to advanced composition and theory. I have also come to specialize in ESL and TOEFL preparation for English language learners and have several years of experience tutoring in both classroom and conference environments in both the English and History fields.

My Teaching Style

I have taught in many environments and situations, and truly appreciate and understand each person as an individual, with individual needs and concerns. I try to make learning fun and reach for the highest possible potential with every student while concentrating on specific goals always with respect, good humor, and energy.


Oberlin College

B.A. in History

California State University, Long Beach

M.A. in English Rhetoric and Composition