Ashley S.

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Ashley S.

About Me

I grew up in New York City and stayed there for college, attending NYU. While I don’t have a
noticeable accent, the city marked me in many ways. Examples: I have strong feelings about
pizza, wear a lot of black, and still can’t get a tan. In 2016 I traded my MetroCard for a Prius and
haven’t looked back. In addition to being a full-time tutor I am an award-winning magician,
bicycle enthusiast, and avid reader of crime fiction.

My Teaching Experience

I cut my teeth teaching SAT courses 10 years ago in NYC public schools. Since then I’ve
worked for a number of great companies, taught hundreds of kids, and learned a lot about
standardized tests and how to beat them. Most importantly, I’ve seen my students make
huge score improvements and get into great colleges.

My Teaching Style

I believe standardized tests are a game – they have their own rules and require specific skills
– and that once you learn how to play, they can actually be kind of fun. My lessons have
room for both enjoyment and discipline: I want my students to enjoy our time together, and
I demand real effort because I believe they can excel.


New York University

B.F.A. in Theater Studies