Brian O.

California Institute of Technology

Brian is a tech entrepreneur & wellness promoter passionate about information & decisions systems. He believes we will not solve the largest threats of tomorrow without a population of proficient analytical thinkers, communicators, and consumers of information, or the sense to treat each others on their merits and character and not on any superficial social class. Brian began tutoring high students during summers between sessions at Caltech, charged with sharing to the community’s budding adults the power and awe of mathematical & scientific thinking. Five years later, Brian continues to train students in critical thinking & study skills toward improved performance both in standardized testing and academic subjects, focusing on the SAT, AP Chemistry, Calculus & Economics. Between tutoring sessions, he loves to practice yoga, check out cool new restaurants & museums, and dig for new music. If you value your hearing, don’t drop any beats around him, as he’s prone to terrible, spontaneous freestyle.