Carol O.

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Carol O.

About Me

I was born in Madrid, Spain. I lived there until I was sixteen, when I earned a scholarship to attend an international school in Hong Kong where I completed the IB Diploma. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Reed College and I majored in Literature with a concentration on French and German studies. I say I am always studying abroad, and love learning languages (including computing ones!) and writing and translating fiction and poetry. I have been part of several art shows and festivals and enjoy experimenting with digital forms of publishing and literary production.

My Teaching Experience

I have experience tutoring for over four years, having worked with a variety of subjects and age groups. At Reed College, I was a writing tutor and helped students acquire writing and research skills. I focused on working with international students and science majors, helping them develop interest and skills to undertake academic work in the humanities. I have also tutored privately, focusing on writing support (at undergraduate and graduate levels) and Math (Algebra I, II, and Pre-Calc).

My Teaching Style

I want to create and sustain motivation in my students and do so by planning lessons that combine creative, independent projects with skill acquisition. I like giving students the practical resources they need to carry out their projects to fruition, and I love seeing the impact of individual tutoring on their confidence and school performance. My work as a researcher has been highly interdisciplinary and I enjoy fostering an environment that helps students develop their talent and simultaneously work across subjects.