Christine H.

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Christine H.

About Me

I grew up in Greenville, North Carolina then headed to Connecticut to study Computer Science and Economics at Yale University. After school, I lived in San Francisco where I worked as a product manager at Yahoo. I decided to leave tech to pursue the much stable career of acting so I moved to Los Angeles.

My Teaching Experience

I’ve always loved teaching. I started my high school’s math tutoring program and was a Computer Science TA at Yale. While at Yale, I was also a freelance SAT tutor for local high school students and created web/mobile development workshops to teach to university students. Most recently, I was a Virtual Reality Development Instructor at UploadVR.

My Teaching Style

As someone who formally struggled with standardized tests, I love showing students that no subject is as overwhelming or mysterious as it seems. All test questions can be answered using a limited set of skills, each of which students can master. I go over these skills with students and adjust my pace according to the student.


Yale University

B.S. in Computer Science and Economics