Christopher M.

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Christopher M.

About Me

A proud Seattle native, I’m a writer, editor, teacher, pianist, and all-around Renaissance nerd who got my B.A. at Columbia and returned to the West Coast as quickly as possible. After playing poker professionally for a year and founding a small tutoring agency in my hometown, I eventually left for Southern California to pursue careers in teaching and screenwriting, where my scripts include a comedy about the drastic changes the tech industry brought to Seattle (logline: Office Space meets The Matrix). I like to tutor, travel, write, read, and play cards—I spend my life indulging my interests, and I try to help my students achieve academic excellence so they can do the same.

My Teaching Experience

I’ve worked as an instructor for a decade, beginning with summer courses in college and online-poker and piano lessons post-graduation, before finally settling on a schedule of chiefly test prep(SAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT, GRE) in my late twenties. I’ve taught students remotely around the globe and in-person everywhere from Seattle to New York to L.A.

My Teaching Style

I strongly believe that tutoring should relieve stress instead of aggravating it, and should adapt itself to fit each student’s style instead of the other way around. I specialize in developing a rapport with my students—teenagers are the easiest people to get along with in the world!—and I take a genuine interest in them, empowering them to deal with the demands of the adult world.


Columbia University

B.A. in English