Evan C.

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Evan C.

About Me

I have been in the field of Education for ten years with a Master’s in Special Education.

My Teaching Experience

My experience includes tutoring students who range from those with moderate learning disabilities to exceedingly bright children. All children are interesting to me. They all have the potential to make progress. It is often my job as the educator to remind my students of their inherent intelligence.

My Teaching Style

Positive reinforcement, creativity, and intensive skills practice, in my experience, is the best way to move students forward academically. The students’ strengths and weaknesses need to be assessed. Their deficits need to be strengthened while always reminding them that they are bright and capable. I am very interactive and playful, making the learning experience much more enjoyable.


University of California, Berkeley

B.S. in Environmental Economics

Grand Canyon University

M.S. in Education