Holli H.

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Holli H.

About Me

I double majored at UCLA in Greek & Latin and Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations. I also received the distinction of being considered for the Helen Caldwell Award for Outstanding Major for my work in the Department of Classics. My passion is for people: I love human culture, history, languages, and political societies – and especially enjoy studying the interactions between all four. I am an avid reader, a life-long student, teacher, writer, and editor.

My Teaching Experience

I tutored Latin and World History in my undergraduate years, and am currently teaching Latin at an elementary school in Del Rey, as well as helping students prepare for exams. My experiences pre-reading and editing for several authors (both published and preparing for publication), my on-campus work as an editor with the PSSO Journal, and my personal pursuit of writing have also prepared me to advise students in both writing and editing.

My Teaching Style

I believe in knowing my students as they are: their quirks, how they learn best, and what sorts of topics fascinate them. I work to understand the unique needs and strengths of each of my students so I can better facilitate their learning and discovery processes.


University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. in Greek/Latin & Political Science
Concentration: International Relations