John B.

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John B.

About Me

After graduating from Harvard in 2013, I moved to Los Angeles and have been tutoring ever since. When not tutoring, you can catch me around Los Angeles playing pick-up soccer, writing at various coffee shops, and honing my improv chops at the many awesome LA comedy theaters. This is a great city and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

My Teaching Experience

Having majored in neurobiology and minored in English, I have tutored a broad range of subjects from the sciences to the humanities.

My Teaching Style

Beyond a complete understanding of the subject matter, I think the most important trait that a tutor can possess is the ability to listen. Every student is different, and it’s our responsibility to listen to each student and observe their tendencies so as to determine how we can best equip them with the tools they need to master the content. The same approach won’t work for every student, so I aim to be adaptable in order to best fit the needs of the student.


Harvard College

B.A. in Neurobiology
Minor in English