Justin S.

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Justin S.

About Me

I grew up in South Bend, Indiana and graduated from the University of Notre Dame on full scholarship while simultaneously working as a data scientist and tutor. Now, I aim to build a career in tutoring and project-based education while expanding my technical expertise through a master’s in computer science. My goal is to contribute to a system of education which caters to the skill sets and interests of individual students.

My Teaching Experience

I’ve tutored hundreds of students in math, science, and test prep over the course of 5 years. Through past volunteer work as a special-needs counselor, I’ve learned how to set up fun, comfortable learning environments where people can learn to overcome problems without feeling embarrassed.

My Teaching Style

I think the best way to help a student learn is to first understand the way they approach a problem and use that as a starting place to correct misunderstandings and guide them to more optimal strategies. I also like to relate the subject matter to students’ personal interests whenever possible.