Lissette N.

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Lissette N.

About Me

I earned my Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Arts from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I received a full scholarship/fellowship. My Bachelor’s degree is in Journalism/Advertising from Ohio State. I’m a native Spanish speaker, and up to college, I only spoke Spanish. When I’m not tutoring I may be performing Improv, or singing or acting…I love the arts! And whenever possible, I like bringing a creative aspect to my classes.

My Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring Spanish for over ten years now, so I’m an experienced teacher who can adjust to many types of students (autism/other learning disabilities included) and ages (from preschool to retired folks), and who can teach all levels of Spanish (yes, the very advanced stuff too). Many times throughout the year, I’ll be at homes helping high school students understand advanced concepts relating to Spanish 3, Spanish 4 and AP Spanish. I have also tutored students taking college-level Spanish. Occasionally, I also help Spanish teachers whose first language isn’t Spanish. I help advanced students who are perfecting their Spanish before moving to a Spanish-speaking country such as Spain or Mexico, and so on. I also teach English to students whose first language is Spanish.

My Teaching Style

I’d like to think that I’m teaching the language as a skill that my students can keep for life, and not just memorize information that they will later forget. I make an effort for my students to be able to speak during their class and learn practical aspects of the language, not only grammar. Currently I teach several students during the week and tutoring Spanish is my full-time job.


Ohio State University

B.A. in Journalism/Advertising

University of Michigan

M.A. in Telecommunications Arts