Adriano Y.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles graduating UCLA with a B.A. in History before leaving sunny LA for the windy city, Chicago, for Medical School. After many icy winters I have finally made my way back to the sunshine state after graduating while I apply to residency this next year. When I’m not tutoring I love to cook and spend time outdoors with my dog Archie.


I have been teaching or tutoring since I was a high-school student. Having gone through the Pre-Med process I am very aware of the effort and study strategies necessary to reach your goals. At this point, I am an expert in standardized tests and developing test taking strategies as well as the type of study habits that can take a student all the way. Part of my medical training involved breaking down difficult subjects and making them easy to understand. I have experience working with K-12 students in both public and private schools. I also have tutored college students in sciences like Organic Chemistry as well as developing their essay writing for their Humanities courses.


I am a student advocate and work with my students to understand their goals and needs to develop a student centered and individualized method that is best for them. There is no one size fits all when it comes to study methods and often different strategies are needed for different subjects. I am a firm believer that understanding of core concepts is the key to success but also that sometimes memorization is the best way to go. I hated memorization and always felt it was a tedious process and so I have many ways to make it fun and simple. My ultimate goal is to have the student see the fruits of their labor and feel proud of their efforts and success.

Adriano Y.