Alexander K.


My academic journey is a little unorthodox: I graduated high school in my junior year by taking the CHSPE, then attended community college in my home of Orange County. I successfully transferred to UC San Diego, graduated in 2021, and now I’m attending UCLA as a graduate student! I’ve always been a math lover, but I’ve also been a nature enthusiast since I was a teenager. I hike and backpack whenever I get the chance, and I’m an amateur botanist interested in California native plants.


I started tutoring right after I graduated high school, and for all those years afterwards I’ve tutored almost every math or science subject many times over, up to and including lower division college courses! The information went from “fresh in my mind” at the beginning to “etched into my brain” over the course of my career. Every single one of my students has achieved at least a passing grade in their courses, and the vast majority earned B’s or above!


My less-than-standard academic path mirrors my strengths as a teacher: I know better than most that sometimes you have to think outside the box to solve a problem. The reality is that some students simply won’t understand concepts delivered in the “standard” teaching style, and my rigorous education in math and the sciences combined with years of experience has given me the ability to explain a concept in a multitude of different ways. I try to pass this deep understanding onto my students as much as I can – it might mean more work, but it also means my students can solve more difficult or complicated problems using the extra tools at their disposal.

Alexander K.