Bladi D.


I am from Boston originally and even lived in Prague, Czech Republic for some time, so love seeing other parts of the world. I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Film after majoring in Computer Programming and Education. In my free time I am a sponsored endurance athlete for cycling. I found my way into teaching after a track record of being asked to explain things in academia, and then realized it was a passion. Never looked back!


I have been tutoring mathematics at all levels for years since my undergraduate graduation, elementary math through algebra, calculus, the ACT and the SAT. As a competitive athlete, I’ve always had to work through exhaustion, and this was especially the case on my academic path, but that meant creating systems for myself to be precise in any domain and to stay energized by learning constantly. Accordingly, I encourage anyone I work with to carry on this spirit. I consistently pride myself on bringing my students from failing grades to B’s and A’s, and accelerating my students comprehension to more advanced levels than they ever thought possible.


I am a visual thinker so I have a way of explaining math and clarifying concepts not just quickly, but so that students remember them firmly in time for tests and major exams. Sparking people’s curiosity is my forte, so getting people interested in a topic they once thought boring is a success in helping them navigate their path in whatever pursuit. I have worked with students of all abilities, of all ages, and am known for my patience, persistence, and energy in providing my learners with ownership over their roadblocks. My methodology is always to start from the basics and work upwards. I apply this to sessions and allow for analysis to begin with fundamentals, then complex synthesis, always with some good laughing in between!

Bladi D.