I was born in the Midwest and raised on the east coast; I went to college in the south and was fortunate enough to live in the UK for a few years following my graduate program at Oxford University. I’ve enjoyed my time living abroad and in the US and have made Los Angeles my home since since 2013. When I’m not teaching, you can probably find me singing and dancing on a stage somewhere, making goofy comedy videos, or talking about my cute nieces (they are the best!).


I’ve been a private academic tutor for about a decade and have very much enjoyed teaching a variety of subjects, including test prep (SAT, ACT, ISEE, CHSPE), math, writing, and other school subjects. I am very passionate about writing and have helped many students to work towards mastering the five paragraph essay. I’ve also supported students with college applications and college essays.


My teaching style is very intuitive; I recognize that each student is wired differently and learns differently. There is no single teaching style that works for all. I love incorporating hands-on and visual examples/exercises when I can. Also, I like to make learning fun.