Casey S.


I was born in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, and was raised in Los Angeles. Some of you may or may not know this but SF and LA have a lot of beef with each other. San Franciscans are known for reading books, inciting demonstrations, deliberating their next Peets’ latte order and treating compost with the same reverence that we treat botox. I fall somewhere in the middle of this, a San Franciscan at heart, I love to hike and read, camp and enjoy what nature has to offer. Being raised in Los Angeles, I equally enjoy going to the beach, shopping, watching Lakers/Dodger games and grabbing a Pinks hot dog when I get the chance. My dog tags along with me, his name is Jack and he is a Jack Russell terrier, how fitting!


I have been teaching/tutoring since 2010. I currently teach TOEFL to international students who are striving to reach scores that will take them to the top universities in the country. I’ve taught students who are lawyers and doctors and business executives in their own country and are incredibly bright and forward thinking people. Many of my students have gone on to reach their targeted score and attend the university of their choice. I also teach part time at USC in their international student program as an ESL teacher. I’ve also tutored native high school and college students in writing, reading comprehension, and speech preparations.


I’m incredibly patient and build trust with my students from the get go. I believe humor and academic rigor go hand in hand. Making learning fun and enjoyable, while also accomplishing students goals is what it’s all about.

Casey S.