Charlotte L.


I am an actress and was born in NYC but moved to London, England when I was six years old and grew up there. I returned to the US to attend Princeton University, where I graduated from in 2016 with honors in politics, American studies, and theater. As you may have guessed, in my free time I love to act and see as many other performances as possible!


I have always loved working with kids, whether it be as a tutor, babysitter or camp counselor. I have done it all! I started tutoring school entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT, upon graduating from Princeton for a NY-based tutoring company as well as privately on my own. While I prefer verbal subjects, I do not discriminate against math and sciences! My past students have all achieved their score goals and been accepted to top universities, such as Penn University, Brown University, and Georgetown. Regardless of your aspirations, I understand how stressful test taking can be and only want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.


Throughout my experience, I have found that students achieve their best scores when they are prepared and more importantly relaxed and confident in their abilities. These exam are as much mental preparation and anxiety management as they are tests of material. I aim to be a source of support and wisdom for my students so they can approach these stressful exams full of confidence and do their best.

Charlotte L.