I grew up in San Diego but LA has been my adoptive home as early as in 2005. I’m a serial entrepreneur, having launched and sold a tutoring business in Shanghai, China. In my free time I enjoy cooking Chinese food, baking desserts, and morning hikes.


I have been a tutor since 2005 when I began as a peer tutor for SAT and critical reasoning in high school. Since then, I’ve been a volunteer teacher at Westview High School (ranked 36 in California by US News) and at the El Sol Academy of Arts and Sciences and have spent thousands of hours tutoring in San Diego, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and a series of other cities in China. My previous students have matriculated to the University of Chicago, UPenn, Purdue University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UCSD, UC Irvine, and numerous other schools locally and abroad.


Test-taking is a set of skills more than a set of knowledge. My style is to help students develop thorough, accurate, and efficient methods by asking clarifying and guiding questions. My students develop habits of logic and problem solving that make them efficient test-takers and thinkers.