David G.


I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to New York City to attend NYU, where I studied Mathematics and Entertainment Business. I continue to balance my love of math and passion for filmmaking by producing my own short films and taking lots of pictures when I’m not tutoring.


I started tutoring in high school by helping a younger student stay organized and do his homework. Throughout college, I worked in the math tutoring center, helping students of all levels with their homework and test prep. I also worked with students all over New York City privately to help them stay on pace with their school work. After college, I moved to DC and continued tutoring at a non-profit organization on a voluntary basis.


Although math was always my strong suit in school, I struggled a lot along the way. This gives me very valuable perspective into the points of confusion various students experience, so I like to dive right into the core of what’s causing you trouble. I believe that one does not really understand a concept unless they can explain it proficiently, so I always ask lots questions and make students “teach” concepts back to me.

David G.