Ema H.


I grew up in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, KY, where I attended a public arts school for nine years and where I developed a love of writing and acting. After arts school, I moved to Boston to pursue a B.A. in English literature at Harvard University. I now work as a professional film actor in Los Angeles but continue to offer tutoring services in my free time. When I’m not helping students or on set, I enjoy roller-blading, yoga, and tailoring thrift-store clothing..


Teaching concepts to myself and others has always been an important part of my life (my parents’ idea of “test-prep” was a used SAT book that they found at Goodwill!) I began helping my classmates with their math homework when I was in elementary school and then upgraded to working as a math tutor for a Kumon center when I was in the 8th grade. During the five years that I worked as a Kumon tutor, I assisted students ages 3-17 with math ranging from basic arithmetic to pre-calculus. I have now been working with LA Tutors for three years and since then my tutored subjects have broadened to include several standardized tests, ESL, creative writing, analytical writing about literature, and basic homework help. I have helped some students raise their SAT scores by as much as 200 points and consistently help students scoring in the 2-3 range on the ISEE achieve 8’s and 9’s.


I always try to tailor my teaching style to every student and how they may be feeling on any particular day, but I do have a few consistent core values that guide every session. I believe that building student resourcefulness and independence should be the primary goal of every single session. I want my students to have the skills necessary to teach themselves anything they may be interested in for the rest of their lives. I also believe strongly in the confidence-building power of short daily practice (5-10 minutes) and it is almost always a staple of my tutoring plans.

Ema H.