Emily H.


As the youngest sibling and an Air Force kid, I’ve grown up to be pretty adaptable and easy to get along with. Last year I said goodbye to the 8-month winters and my beloved Cubs and moved from Chicago to LA. I have a big hound dog named French Fry and he’s the best and funniest part of every day. When I’m not tutoring, my favorite things to do are read, cook, and be outside anywhere doing anything (like hiking and swimming and probably more reading and cooking)!


I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over 10 years in group and private settings, everything from Shakespeare to AP History, 2nd graders through college prep, everywhere from private schools to juvenile detention centers. I connect and communicate well and that helps me develop a personal shorthand and confidence with each student. While most of my experience is in Humanities, I succeed at focusing on the small things that turn B’s to A’s, as well as executive functioning and study skills. I have helped students prepare for (and get accepted into!) their dream schools, coaching them through test and interview processes, and it always feels awesome to watch a student succeed and reach their own potential.


My aim is to develop more organized and personalized study habits and environments, to improve the lifestyle and then the grades will follow. I get to know each student and where they want to improve, then develop short- and long-term objectives on how to reach those goals. I respect each student and their family’s needs.

Emily H.