Hello! My name is Eric. I have a degree in Biology Education from UCF within my home state of Florida. From Joshua Trees to Sequoias, taking landscape photography in the world’s most beautiful places is my jam. In between trips to national parks, I love to follow sports. College football is my favorite sport to watch, followed by the NBA.


I have never been a quick learner, never been the first to raise my hand as a student, nor could I pass an exam without studying. When I see a student that is struggling in a course or concept, I have a good idea on how they feel and the questions they have. My strength as a teacher comes from all of the strategies and tools I developed to overcome my struggles as a student. My patience comes from a place of empathy and excitement about seeing improvement.


I am here to help students reach their goals, even if they need time to figure out what those goals are. Academics can be connected to anything that students are interested in if the right efforts are made. I consistently strive to find how a concept or approach can be reapplied in “real life”.

Eric G.