I am passionate about creativity and inquiry, and inject them into the process of learning and my teaching philosophy. A student stages an interpretation of Midsummer Nights Dream that depicts Helena chasing Demetrius through the bowels of a damaged spaceship. Another engages in an integrative lesson reading nonfiction articles about colonizing Mars, using geometry to chart the journey, and writes a reflective journal about the trip to practice various sections of the ISEE.


I have taught at a charter school in Harlem, tutored all over Manhattan, worked at New Roads, and now am a 6th Grade General Studies teacher at Valley Beth Shalom Day School. I have worked with students pre-K-12th grade, so I understand how learning progresses through the ages.


No matter the lesson, there is the usual way to do it and the way I try to approach it: identify how the student learns and what his or her level is, then help the student through differentiated instruction to reach as far as he or she can beyond that level, always with humor.