Haley W.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I received my B.A. in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge. Shortly after graduating, I found myself wanting to continue my education so I decided to head back to school to receive my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as a M.A. in Education. Working with children has been my passion for as long as I can remember and I am excited to continue my journey and be working one-on-one with students where I can tailor to their academic needs. On my free time I enjoy being with family and friends, reading, cooking, and enjoying the warm Los Angeles weather!


I have been co-teaching in a 2nd grade classroom where I have been able to take what I am learning through my teaching program and apply it to my students and activities inside the classroom. During my time with my 2nd graders, I have been able to create small group math and language arts centers and assisted with lesson planning throughout the school year.


Working with brand new students, my goal is to get to know them, their interests, and their favorite subjects in school. From there, I am able to better tailor my sessions to that specific student and work with them on a more personal level. Every student is capable of succeeding, but it is about showing them the resources and the tools that are available to them. I love to have fun with my students, so any chance I can get I incorporate fun educational games to help them better understand the lesson that is being taught to them (e.g. math bingo, memorization games, Kahoot).

Haley W.