I’m from the delightful town of Santa Barbara, and attended Columbia University in New York, majoring in Computer Science. I lived in New York for several years after graduating, where I split my time between being a comedy writer and performer and working as a software developer for companies like Bank of America and Venmo. In addition to writing and performing comedy, which I still do, I enjoy hiking, cooking, and exploring around the east side of LA.


I’ve been tutoring for over 14 years, since I started tutoring my fellow students when I was in high school. During that time I’ve worked with students in a number of disciplines – everything from SAT prep to comedy writing. I specialize in math, chemistry, physics, computer science and SAT prep. I’ve also worked as a writing teacher and software developer and have taught a number of students in those capacities. My students have seen their test scores and grades improve beyond their goals and have gone on to achieve high levels of academic success.


I believe that confidence is the key to learning and success and I want to give my students the confidence to succeed. I’m passionate about learning and problem solving and I want to share that enthusiasm with my students so they feel like they can tackle any discipline. With each student, I figure out what method of learning works for them and go from there to build confidence and ability.