Kelsey L.


I was born and raised on the east coast. I grew up in Wallingford, CT and went to Providence College where I received my B.A. in Health Policy & Management with a minor in Spanish. Shortly after I graduated, I came to California for warmer weather, and to switch career paths. I went to University of San Francisco to receive my teaching certificate and M.A. in education. I eventually found my way down to Los Angeles. When I am not tutoring, I enjoy surfing, tennis, reading, and baking.


I have taught in kindergarten and third grade. I also co-created a reading and writing focused summer camp for students entering first and second grade. I most often tutor in reading, writing, grammar, and math for students K-3.


One of my goals during the first few sessions is getting to know the student so that I can tailor lessons to meet their individual interests and learning styles. I believe that all students are capable of success, but first they need to learn the strategies that will help them get there. Understanding students’ interests, helps to connect real life applications in a way that makes sense to them. Understanding their learning style, supports the tutor in selecting the strategies that will most likely work best for the student.

Kelsey L.