I am a learning specialist who earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology from DePaul University, with a minor focus in Design and Journalism, and my M.A. in Counselor Education from Northeastern Illinois University. I have also continued postgraduate studies in the areas of art and creative and business writing. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, in my free time I enjoy reading, writing, painting, music including playing bass guitar, spending time with animals and in nature, doing yoga and pilates, gardening and hiking, biking and domestic and international travel.


I have taught students from the elementary level through college aged and adult returning students, spanning the range from remedial classes through advance placement (AP). I have also worked extensively with students that were experiencing learning problems complicated by mental health issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD and self-control problems, among others.

In addition to my experience providing educational therapy and tutoring, I have worked at Vista Del Mar School, ICDC College, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and as a test prep and independent studies teacher for high school students.


I have had over a decade of training and experience in the education and behavioral health fields and my work in these areas helps me assess what external issues may be affecting a student’s learning and school performance. I strive to get to know the strengths and weakness of each person I work with in order to provide both patient support and increased motivation to learn and achieve.