Luke B.


I am originally from Boston, and I studied neuroscience at Oberlin College in Ohio. Although I do love to spend time watching my hometown sports teams, I devote my free time to exploring the national parks and studying medieval history.


I have been teaching/tutoring for five years in four different states (Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, and now California). I discovered my passion for teaching as a teacher’s assistant for the neuroscience department at Oberlin, and I began tutoring test preparation and academics shortly after graduating. While the majority of my experience is one-on-one tutoring, I have also had the pleasure of teaching middle and high school classroom programs for up to thirty students at a time.


I am committed to cultivating confidence in my students; encouraging creativity and curiosity in the subjects I teach is at the center of my approach. In all of the settings in which I have taught, it has been an exciting challenge to tailor material for my students to benefit their individual strengths and distinctions. Rather than simply serving as a supply of answers, I aim to teach my students how to ask questions and find solutions for themselves.

Luke B.