Michelle W.


While born and raised here in Los Angeles, I’ve found myself living and traveling all over the world! I’ve lived on four continents, been to forty countries, and picked up a hodgepodge of languages. I’m back in my home turf now though, passing the sunny days going hiking, camping, watching sports (go Angels!), playing video games, reading fantasy books (among many, many genres), and exploring for delicious foods.


I’ve taught students from dozens of different countries and backgrounds, so I’ve had to develop a lot of different techniques and strategies to get them all through their work. Since 2011 I’ve taught mostly high school in Shanghai, China; Quito, Ecuador; and now here in Los Angeles, California. I currently work as a French/Mandarin/History teacher at a private high school, and I’ve been doing test preparation tutoring as well for years. I’ve helped students go from mumbling incoherent sentences to fluent in a language, and I’ve seen students gain scores on tests that they never thought they would’ve ever achieved, helping them get into their dream schools!


I’m endlessly energetic, and I pride myself on creating great relationships with my students to make learning exciting and interesting! Trust is crucial in any relationship, and both my connection with students and my knowledge of the subject help the students feel comfortable enough to focus on the material and ask questions to improve their abilities.

Michelle W.