Miguel F.


Hello, Hola, bonjour, hejsan, ?? My interests in languages started at early age speaking both Spanish and French. As soon as I started college in Paris I discovered a passion for French, Spanish, Swedish and Mandarin Chinese. I then traveled around the world doing linguistic research, business development and discovering new places in three different continents. Today, I enjoy traveling, cycling and learning new technologies.


I was a class teacher in Sweden and private tutor in France, Sweden, China and US following different kind of materials and sharing my own experience in learning languages. I like to have the best relationships with my students and I am always available so they know I will help them with any questions. Although my students have started at different levels, they have gained confidence, learned the fundamentals to improve their knowledge in pronunciation, sound patterns, morphology, grammar, semantics, and improve their conversational skills dramatically.


I have applied different methods including the Direct Method and the Audio-Lingual Method and always include my own material which I tailor to each student’s needs. I have found it important to make language learning fun and interesting. Every culture in the world contains something new to learn as can be seen in their unique histories. Thus both culture and language go hand in hand. Furthermore it is important for the student to know that he or she can reach far beyond their horizons and I am here to guide them, help them and listen to their feedback. The world is a small village, let’s keep learning.

Miguel F.