Nati R.


I am from San Antonio, TX originally but have lived more years in California now than I did in Texas. I completed my B.S. and M.Ed. at Stanford University and my MBA from UT Austin. I work with edtech startups that are transforming education. My mission is to increase education, success and work opportunities for all learners at any point in their lives.


I taught 7th-10th grade math in the bay area when I first graduated from Stanford and have been tutoring ever since in math and Spanish. I’ve also helped students prepare for the ISEE, SAT, ACT, as well as college application essays.


I love helping students to find the joy in problem solving. I encourage students to communicate their thinking so that together we can recognize patterns and go from there. Following a STEM path changed my life, and I hope to inspire students to love it too!

Nati R.