Nicholas A.


I am a native of El Salvador, currently living in Alhambra, California. Professionally speaking, I’m bilingual and a bicultural college professor and high school teacher. I obtained my Ph.D. in Medieval Peninsular and Golden Age Literature from UC Riverside in 2011, with my dissertation on The Tanakh, the Christian Bible and the Koran in ‘Don Quixote’, under the supervision of Professor James A. Parr. I am also a nature lover; when I am not teaching or tutoring, you’ll see me under a tree reading or writing poems or the books I am working on, but I like to play chess too with the computer.


As a college professor and public-school teacher, I have taught in different public and private institutions. I have taught at California State University, Los Angeles; California State University, Northridge, and UC Riverside. I have also taught in Whittier College as well as in community colleges from Los Angeles College District. As a teacher, I have worked for Burbank School District, Los Angeles, and Clark County School District in Vegas, Nevada.


Teaching in a variety of higher and public institutions and grade levels have given me the opportunity to be inclusive when I prepare my lessons and take into consideration all of my students that come from different backgrounds. I’m also conscious and aware of those whose ways of learning are different than mainstream students. About the new pedagogical methods and techniques that I have learned, I apply them as I see they are more effective and appropriate to the subject and the class levels I teach. Still, my three favorite methods are the Socratic, when teaching literatures or any other philosophical subjects; and the dual and full-immersion, when teaching languages. As a tutor, I work with all subjects, from K-12.

Nicholas A.