Nomongo B.


I grew up in Maryland and graduated with a degree in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University. I moved to Los Angeles after graduating college for the amazing national parks just a stone’s throw away from the city. Outside of work, I love the outdoors and will be frequently found climbing the sides of cliffs or watching baseball games.


My first mentorship and teaching role was as an instructor for the Boy Scouts in 2013. I absolutely loved helping the scouts learn, therefore found myself seeking out more teaching roles ever since. I have worked in tutoring and teaching assistant roles for both college and high school-level coursework, as well as test prep. My students have been as young as ten years old to several times older than me. For that reason, I’m confident in being able to adapt my teaching style to best fit my students’ needs.


I find that building upon things that the students already know, and gently nudging them down the right tracks, is one of the best ways to have students make connections in their coursework. I try to probe my students’ current thought processes to see where linkages and adjustments can be made. I focus on breaking down complex questions into their simplest parts so that complicated questions seem less scary. I believe that when students are able to realize that answering any question can be within reach, they naturally develop an enjoyment for the subject matter.

Nomongo B.