Phillip K.


I am a UCLA graduate and majored in mathematics. I am a founder and data scientist at Banking & Quantitative Solutions, LLC. I am currently developing real-time face detection & recognition AI system backed by a renowned IT software & hardware solutions company in the tech industry. I concurrently work with finance, real estate, and social media companies to build and boost their AI capabilities. I am an expert in building AI pipelines and deep learning architectures. I easily writes programs in Python, R, Visual Basic, and Java. I have a 2nd degree black belt in Kendo-Japanese Fencing and am a practitioner of Brazillian Jiu-Jit-su.


I’ve taught at various schools throughout my life for over 10 years. My SAT students improved their scores by at least 100 points and my ISEE students improved by an average of 2 stanines after tutoring with me.


I’m very interactive with students. I ask them questions and see if their answers are creative or standard. My goal is to help my students to think for themselves, not just to get correct answers.

Phillip K.