I grew up in Atlanta. In college & graduate school, I studied Psychology and Special Education. I love computer coding, cooking, art, music, and learning. Lately, I have been studying painting and tailoring.


I have been teaching youth for nearly 15 years now. My aim is to teach so I may continue to master its artfulness as a lifelong practice. I have worked in all grade level settings; in Montessori, Emilio-Piaget, public, charter, and private instruction settings as well. I cherish the memory of all the students I’ve witnessed reach their goals. It’s awesome.


I try my best to integrate creativity in my teaching pedagogy. I dig breaking down the “hard stuff” into a step by step understanding. I welcome projects and still believe in the beauty of practice makes perfect. I believe this phenomenon encourages the life-long skill of a students’ discovery how to solve one’s own problems. It is my belief that a student gets out of their education, what they invest in it; I encourage them to give 100%.