Ted S.


I’m a San Francisco native and have had the good fortune of living in four amazing cities, including New York, Boston, and now Los Angeles. I’ve always loved math, though my other passion is music. An avid piano player and a composer, I’m starting out a second career in the music biz, scoring for film, TV, and games.


I began tutoring math while completing my mechanical engineering degree at Cal almost 20 years ago. I’ve worked with countless students at all levels of math and physics, as well as test prep for the ISEE, SAT/ACT, GRE and GMAT. Many of my students have gone on to top colleges, though I’m even more proud of the teaching relationships with students that have lasted for years.


For me teaching is a conversation, not a lecture. Every student is different, and I try to be as flexible as possible to find a way to reach anyone. My approach is very focused on understanding as opposed to rote memorization. Learning formulas and procedures is often necessary, but it’s so much easier when you understand WHY it works the way it does. Above all else I try to make tutoring sessions interesting and even fun.

Ted S.