Yong M.


Born in New England, I have a B.A. in mathematics from Columbia University and M.M. in classical piano performance from the Manhattan School of Music. I’ve recently moved to L.A. and love it here. When I’m not teaching, you can probably find me doodling on the piano or baking desserts.


Teaching has been an ever-increasing part of my life since I finished my undergrad. I’ve taught music, math, and test prep (specializing in SAT/ACT) to students from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. I’ve also coached students on personal statements and college essays, helping earn them better outcomes on their college applications. Nothing makes me feel better than lifting an obstacle for a student.


Every student deserves a teacher who continually adapts and responds to them – I aspire to be that teacher. No matter the subject, I try to find an approach that allows the student to feel that things are accessible (or even beautiful!) to them. I have found that when students feel like their goals are in reach and that they are being listened to, an appreciation for rigor and excellence naturally falls into place.

Yong M.