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Andre M.

About Me

Hi! My name is Andre Mohring and I’m an engineer and musician born and raised in Minneapolis, MN (brr!). After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in mechanical engineering and product development, I moved to Los Angeles in search of good vibes and warm weather. I quickly found myself putting a (long term) pause on my engineering career to focus on music. When not tutoring, I play drums and program live shows for a handful of pop and hip-hop artists. Outside of music I am a passionate skier, hiker and traveler.

My Teaching Experience

I have tutored academically for over 2 years, working with a wide range of age and ability levels. I began academic tutoring at Northwestern where as a junior and senior I tutored younger students in math and engineering courses. Since living in LA I have taught elementary through high school students in math, physics and SAT/ACT/ISEE test prep. I have personally watched students grades, test scores, and overall understanding of subject material improve enormously within just a period of weeks. Prior to any academic tutoring, I taught both music and sailing for over 5 years, and personally developed a music education program at my childhood summer camp from scratch.

My Teaching Style

In my experience, the most effective teaching (whether it be in sailing or SAT math) occurs when a good person to person relationship, built on rapport and respect, is established between the student and teacher. I focus on establishing said relationship from the get-go to ensure that the student has the most effective and meaningful learning experience possible. Long story short: if learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective.


Northwestern University

B.S. in Manufacturing and Design Engineering