Anton G.

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Anton G.

About Me

I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, which made me a lifelong fan of Notre Dame football and left me with a strong nostalgia for six-foot-tall corn. I went off to Boston for college, where I studied neurobiology at Harvard. I also spent many months learning Russian in Saint Petersburg. After college, I moved out to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming not an actor, but a doctor. In the meantime I spend my nights cruising around the streets of LA on an ambulance.

My Teaching Experience

My tutoring days started all the way back in my high school economics class, when my friends were frantically trying to finish their chemistry homework before it was due later in the day and needed my help. When I realized how much I liked teaching, I started finding jobs in my community, and later in college I got into the online tutoring world. I’ve not only saved many people’s grades, but I’ve also helped people develop a strong enough understanding of material to allow them to continue to excel in the future.

My Teaching Style

I like to get right down to business to make the most of your time, but I also understand that studying hard can be exhausting. I usually work backwards to make sure that my students have a good understanding of foundational concepts before I help them learn how to apply these concepts to more advanced material.


Harvard University

B.A. in Neurobiology