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Comprehensive Support

Early childhood development is crucial in developing a solid foundation upon which higher education is built. After working with an LA Tutor, our students emerge with a clear grasp of reading, writing, and math fundamentals. Our tutors have years of experience working with young children and create a fun, exciting learning environment, fostering an enthusiasm for learning which later evolves into excellent study habits and academic skills. These skills also come in handy when preparing for private school entrance exams, such as the ISEE and SSAT.

Our Method

Hand Picked Tutors

All of our tutors have, on average, 5-10 years of experience working in their respective fields of expertise – from special needs to academic fundamentals. Depending on the goals and areas of focus, students will be matched with an expert tutor who matches their personalities and learning styles. Our tutors have helped thousands of students not only improve their grades, but also improve their confidence and work ethic, setting a foundation for long-term academic success.

Study Skills






Stephen M.
University of California, LA
B.A. in Classical Civilization

Stephen graduated from the University of California Los Angeles cum laude with departmental honors in Classical Civilization and is an avid Latin tutor. In addition to his foreign language skills, he has ample experience working with elementary and middle school students in other areas such as English composition, math and study skills.

Guaranteed Results

Our tutors have been teaching and mentoring students in Los Angeles for over ten years. Our comprehensive approach has helped countless students learn the necessary skills they need to succeed in elementary school. In fact, we are so confident that you will be happy with your results that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. *

Testimonials and Test Results

Personalized Game Plan

In dialogue with you, our Director will lay out several possible study plans. Once we pick the plan that suits the student best, we can get down to work. Below is a description of four packages that we offer for Elementary School tutoring.

Express Course

10 Hours of Instruction
  • Ideal for students who need short term help with one or two fundamental concepts, a school project, or weekly study skills assistance.

Recommended Course

25 Hours of Instruction
  • Ideal for students who need consistent homework help, comprehensive help with multiple concepts, or more detailed study skills guidance.

Comprehensive Course

40 Hours of Instruction
  • Ideal for students who are looking for assistance with all schoolwork or require significant assistance with fundamental concepts.

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