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Customized tutoring backed by our Score Improvement Guarantee and 100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee.

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How do we know you’ll get a great SSAT tutor or instructor? Well, we only choose to work with the absolute best, which starts with an intensive vetting process (interviews, background checks, simulated tutoring sessions). Then we hand pick the right one based on location, specific needs and personality.

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1. How many levels does the SSAT have? 3

  • Elementary Level (for students currently in grades 3-4)
  • Middle Level (for students currently in grades 5-7)
  • Upper Level (for students currently in grades 8-11)

2. How many sections does the SSAT have? 5 or 6 (including a writing sample and an experimental section).

Elementary Level SSAT Format

Section # of Questions Duration
Quantitative/Math 30 30 minutes
Verbal 30 20 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Reading 28 30 minutes
Writing Sample 1 prompt 15 minutes
Experimental 15-17 15 minutes
Totals 89 2 hours, 5 minutes

Middle/Upper Level SSAT Format

Section # of Questions Duration
Writing Sample 1 (unscored) 25 minutes
Break 5 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Reading 40 40 minutes
Break 10 minutes
Verbal 60 30 minutes
Quantitative 25 30 minutes
Experimental 16 15 minutes
Totals 167 3 hours, 5 minutes

3. What’s the difference between the SSAT and ISEE?

The SSAT and ISEE are both admissions tests used by independent schools in the US. Some schools may accept both but have a preference, so you should confirm with each school on their individual admissions requirements. Ultimately, the level of difficulty is pretty similar between both tests, but there are still significant differences between the tests, so most students will prepare for only one exam.

4. How is the SSAT scored?

You will receive 3 scores on your report: a raw score, scaled score, and percentile ranking. The two scores most commonly looked at are the scaled scores (table below), and percentile ranking. The percentile ranking represents how you did compared to other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT in the past 3 years.

Level Section Score Total Score
Elementary 300-600 900-1800
Middle 440-710 1320-2130
Upper 500-800 1500-2400

5. Can my child take the SSAT more than once?

Yes, but you may only take the SSAT on one FLEX date per year. However, some schools may have a policy of only considering one score, so you should consult with the admissions department of any school you’re applying to for their individual policies.

6. Do any schools in Los Angeles require the SSAT?

Most schools in Los Angeles do not require the SSAT, but some, like Crossroads, prefer the SSAT over the ISEE.

Personalized Game Plan

Below is an example of four individualized curricula we offer for SSAT test preparation.


2-5 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students who want an SSAT crash course in test-prep strategy, would like to focus on one section of the SSAT, are looking to make short-term gains, or have limited time.


5-10 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students close to their target score who want basic help on the SSAT essentials, or extensive tutoring on one to two sections.


2-4 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want a comprehensive review of the entire SSAT test, including test-taking strategies, and are looking for a significant score increase.


3-5 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want extensive help with the entire SSAT test, including test-taking strategies and all academic content, and are looking to maximize their score increase.

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