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The Impact of Covid 19 on Higher Education: Are there pros for freshmen? What are the cons for the universities?

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It’s Not All Bad News! Recent Trends in College Tuition Costs and Financial Aid Awards The Covid pandemic has changed a lot about how we live and learn over the past two years. Much of it has been challenging, but recently there has been some promising news about college costs for students and prospective students….

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Ways to Use Social Media for Good: How Educators and Parents Can Take a Proactive Approach with TikTok, Instagram, etc

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By now every parent and educator has heard horror stories about the dangers of social media for children. Between disruptive Tik Tok challenges, bullying, and the recent reports on the impact of social media on teens’ mental health, it’s enough for parents to wish that social media simply would go away. Unfortunately, the genie is…

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What do I Need to Know if I Want to go Standardized Test-Free?

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With the change in availability for college admission tests, many schools are reconsidering their requirements for the ACT/SAT tests. There is some indication that this reevaluation goes deeper than COVID and consideration for students that are unable to test or unwilling to test in the format that is available for them. For this reason, it…

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4-year Colleges That Offer 2-year Degrees: a Switch Up on the Standard

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Traditionally, there has been a divide between institutions of higher learning that offered associate’s degrees and institutions that offered bachelor’s degrees. This system works well for students who complete their degree programs, but can unfortunately leave some students behind if they don’t manage to complete their planned degree. If a student starts out at a…

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The Inside Scoop: How to Approach the ISEE, SSAT, ACT, & SAT Testing of 2021

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Please note that this information is subjective and does not reflect our position on every student or situation. For more specialized information and advice tailored to your student, please contact our admissions consultants. Written by Angela B. and Wendy I. ISEE/SSAT Inside scoop for ISEE/SSAT: Standardized testing is becoming less commonplace in middle and high…

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