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As we approach a new age of the pandemic, the school system faces more challenges and tries to navigate accordingly. Private middle and high schools in Los Angeles are flooded with parents seeking a better education for their child, but they’re continually met with “test optional”, “test blind”, and “school specific.” It’s understandably confusing and…

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ACT Update: ACT Includes a New Type of Passage on the Reading Section

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From time to time, the ACT makes minor changes to its test format and content. Recently, test makers announced a change to the ACT Reading section. What is the change? Beginning in 2021, one of the ACT reading passages may be accompanied by a graph, figure, or table that contains information relevant to the reading…

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How to Relearn Your Course Material: A Guide to Revisiting the Last Year and Finding the Holes in Your Learning

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Step 1: Let’s all acknowledge that learning loss is real. Without a plan for such an event, teachers were forced to learn how to teach online on brand new platforms in a matter of weeks. Although most figured it out and rose to the challenging occasion, it still left a mark on students. Hear from…

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SAT and ACT Prep for Fall: Test Optional is the New Normal

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In the “before times,” the main question about college admissions tests used to be, “How can I do well on this test?” Now, the question is, “Should I even take this test?” Over 1500 schools decided to go test-blind or test-optional during the pandemic, and many of them are choosing to stay that way, at…

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