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Customized tutoring backed by our Score Improvement Guarantee and 100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee.

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How do you know you’ll get a great tutor or instructor? Well, we only choose to work with the absolute best, which starts with an intensive vetting process (interviews, background checks, simulated tutoring sessions). Then we hand pick the right tutor based on location, specific needs, and personality.

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1. Do I need to take the TOEFL?

If you’re a foreign student applying to an undergraduate university or graduate program in Los Angeles or elsewhere and English is not your primary language, you probably need to take the TOEFL or the IELTS to prove your mastery of academic English. Some schools will waive the TOEFL requirement if you meet a minimum score on the Verbal or English section of certain standardized tests (like the SAT or ACT), or if you’ve attended a school where English was the primary language of instruction. Check with the specific schools or programs to which you’re applying to see if you need to take the test.

2. How many sections are in the TOEFL?

The test has four sections and will take about four hours (including the break):

Section Tasks and Number of Questions Time Limit
1: Reading 4 reading passages; 30-40 questions 54-72 minutes
2: Listening Listen to lectures, conversations, and classroom discussions; 28-39 questions 41-57 minutes
3: Speaking 4 speaking tasks 17 minutes
4: Writing 2 writing tasks (1 independent, 1 integrated) 50 minutes

3. Where/When can I take the test?

The internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) is offered at computer test centers around the world, including several locations in Los Angeles, Culver City, and Glendale. You can choose your date and time, but most are in the morning. The paper-based test is only offered in a few places where a computer testing center is not available. You can take the test as many times as you want, but you must leave a minimum of 12 days between tests.

4. What is a good score for the TOEFL?

Most schools, including those in the Los Angeles area, will consider the applications of any student who meets the minimum TOEFL score. Using Los Angeles area business schools again as an example, UCLA has a minimum score of 87, USC has a minimum score of 100 and component scores of at least 20, and Pepperdine has a minimum of 95 with component scores of at least 20.

5. How long should I study before taking the TOEFL?

The best strategy is to take a diagnostic test and see how you do. If you are below the minimum scores for your goal schools, you’ll need to devote at least a few months to preparation, possibly more if you need significant improvement. If you’re at or above the minimum, a month or less of practice may be adequate.

Personalized Game Plan

Below is an example of four individualized curricula we offer for TOEFL test preparation.


2-5 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students who want an TOEFL crash course in test-prep strategy, would like to focus on one section of the TOEFL, are looking to make short-term gains, or have limited time.


5-10 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students close to their target score who want basic help on the TOEFL essentials, or extensive tutoring on one to two sections.


2-4 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want a comprehensive review of the entire TOEFL test, including test-taking strategies, and are looking for a significant score increase.

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