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Why Admissions Consulting?

Finding the school that best fits your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. With fifteen years of experience working in private school admissions, we’ve perfected our tailored approach to help you find the best school fit and guides you through the application process from start to finish.

We wanted to thank you one more time for your assistance and coaching throughout the application process. There has been much celebration in our house today and we are all very excited about our daughter’s admission to 7th grade. You both were an incredible resource and ushered us through the process. It was such a pleasure to work with you...we would not be in this position without your guidance.
- Parent of 7th Grade Applicant

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Gaby Fogelson is an excellent educational consultant – I could not recommend her more highly...Gaby is a wealth of knowledge about both the independent and parochial schools in many different parts of LA.
- Parent of 9th Grade Applicant

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Meet our Los Angeles Private School Placement Experts

Gaby Fogelson
B.S. in Psychology from Union College
M.A. in Educational Studies from Loyola Marymount University

Gaby has over a decade of experience working in independent school admissions at Archer, Crossroads, Marymount and Westside Neighborhood School (WNS). As a native of Los Angeles, an independent school graduate, and an independent school parent, Gaby understands admissions from every perspective. Gaby began her career in admissions at The Archer School for Girls. During her six years at Archer, she served as Assistant Director of Admissions and 6th grade advisor. She then worked at Marymount High School as the Associate Director of Admission. She also worked as the Assistant Director of Admissions at the Westside Neighborhood School (WNS), a PS through 8th grade private school in Playa Vista. Finally, for two years, Gaby supported the Crossroads School admissions office as an interviewer before moving into her role as an independent educational consultant.

Gaby understands the many educational models given her wide array of experience working in K-12, PS-8, 6-12, and 9-12 schools and in both co-ed and single sex school environments. As a way of giving back to her community, Gaby volunteers annually with the Gabriella Foundation Charter School preparing students for independent school admissions interviews.

Sandy Eiges
B.A. SUNY Buffalo, Anthropology
M.S.W. University of Kansas, Social Work
College Counseling Certificate, University of California – San Diego

Sandy is the founder of a top city-wide admissions consulting company for preschool through high school. Her goal is to help families make informed and thoughtful choices about the schools that will best suit their child. Her mission is to take the mystery and anxiety out of the school finding process for parents and provide them with comprehensive information on all of their educational choices. Sandy is not only knowledgeable about private and parochial schools, including boarding schools, but she is also an expert in explaining and navigating the myriad public school options as well. She has been interviewed for Spectrum News, Beyond the Brochure, the Los Angeles Times, the Hollywood Reporter, and is the admissions expert on the website Kids in the House.

Sandy is a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). For the past 15 years, Sandy’s company has helped thousands of families with the planning and admissions process for preschool, elementary school, middle, and high school for their children.

Priya Nambiar
B.A. Education Studies, Brown University
M.Ed Master’s in Education, Harvard University

With over 25 years in education and a decade of experience as the Associate Director of Admissions at two independent schools in Los Angeles, Priya understands the private school admissions landscape from an insider’s perspective. As an Educational Consultant , she focuses on pre-school through 12th grade and helps her clients through every aspect of the application process, from managing timelines and strengthening applications to understanding the cultures of the various schools.

First and foremost, however, Priya’s mission is to help children and families find the right schools for them. It’s about identifying where a child will have confidence, fit in, and thrive, and where families can feel like part of a greater community. Her services include general overview information, child assessments, best-fit school identification, interview preparation, essay editing, process organization, and more.

Lisa Marfisi

Lisa Marfisi
B.A. Elementary Education, University of Pennsylvania
B.S. Textile Design, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science

Lisa has been a professional in education in Los Angeles since 1991. She was the Director of Admissions K-12 at Wildwood School and DK-6 at Echo Horizon School. She was the Director of Development at PS #1, Director of Marketing and Assistant Director of Admission at Westside Neighborhood School, and she worked with teachers doing Professional Development at the Archer School for Girls. She taught elementary school for 10 years.

Lisa’s experience has given her an understanding of the importance of fit. She has a very personalized approach. Lisa listens and takes time to understand a family’s needs so that she can help find a school where their child will thrive. She helps families with the entire admission process from identifying schools that are the perfect fit to application guidance and review, to interview prep, to validating impressions from school visits, and all the steps along the way that contribute to helping students become the strongest applicants possible. Lisa has helped families with the admission process (Preschool through 12th grade) for over 2 decades.

Elaine Hobart

Elaine Hobert
B.A. in Humanities with a Minor in Piano Performance, University of Southern California
M.Ed Master’s in Education, University of Southern California

Elaine has dedicated her life to education. She has spent the last twenty years teaching in public and private schools in Los Angeles, advising families, and most recently, serving as the Associate Director of Admissions at Carlthorp School. She not only understands the unique admissions landscape from an educational point of view, but also from the lens of a parent, having just gone through the admissions process with her own children. Elaine has learned valuable insights from both sides and is ready to share her extensive knowledge and assist parents who are trying to navigate through the world of private, public, and charter schools in Los Angeles.

Depending on your needs as you go through the admissions process, Elaine offers hourly “a la carte” services personalized to meet your specific requests in areas including (but not limited to): narrowing a list of best fit schools, application review, interview preparation, assessment feedback, and organization of schools’ timelines and deadlines. She also weighs the pros and cons for those families who are deciding between public and private schools, and guides them through the options of lotterying into charter, magnet, and dual language immersion schools outside their zoned district. In addition to her hourly services, Elaine also offers full service packages to families who find peace of mind in having a consultant guide them through the whole admissions season, from application to placement.

Gabby McHale

Gabby McHale
B.A. in Art History, University of Michigan
M.A. Master’s in Private School Leadership, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

In the highly competitive world of independent school admissions, having an expert on your team is advantageous. Twenty years of experience as an independent school administrator has provided Gabby with the skills and insight needed to help families achieve the educational goals the family aspires to. Gabby served as Director of Admissions at Milken Community High School, Brentwood School, and most recently as the Director of Student Placement at The Center for Early Education.

Having honed her skills, advising thousands of families in the Los Angeles area while working within independent schools, Gabby is now prepared to offer her assistance in a decidedly personalized format. A comprehensive process will provide information about the wide range of schools in the area to help identify schools that match the needs of the applicant. Once schools are identified, Gabby will help students organize and review applications, perfect their interview skills, and assemble an educational profile that will present each student in the best possible light.


Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation will provide an overview of all the various types of schools across the city and identify which schools will provide the best opportunity for your child to thrive.

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

Consider us your navigation system of sorts, as our experts guide you through the often time-consuming and stressful process of selecting a school in this vast city.

Nonstandard Entry Points

Nonstandard Entry Points

Our intimate knowledge of the schools and relationships with admissions offices will help families select schools with the best opportunity for admissions.

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Having interviewed hundreds of students herself during her years as an interviewer, our admissions consultant will demystify the process for you with her wealth of knowledge.

Essay Guidance


With our experience having read thousands of admissions files, we help both parents and students write impactful statements that clearly convey their core values and student’s strengths.


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