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I am the parent of a fiercely independent, high-achieving high school senior, who takes outside college coursework in addition to multiple AP courses in her high school. This may seem to be an untraditional student profile for tutoring services, but I could not be more satisfied with the work that LA Tutors has done with my daughter Chloe. We both have great appreciation and respect for each tutor who met with Chloe, not only for their knowledge base and subject matter expertise but for their ability to understand and approach learning on a very individual level. Tutoring definitely helped and it showed — she has scored 5’s on all four of her AP courses and in the 99th percentile on her ACT! The knowledge and skills accumulated with LA Tutors not only prepared my child extremely well for standardized testing but set her up for success in college and beyond.

Jillisa S. — Mother of Chloe, Senior at Pacifica Christian High School

I have been preparing for standardized tests with LA Tutors for the past four years. I started with the ISEE test after I got concerned with average marks in the practice tests. My father arranged two specialized tutors with Arash, which got me the best preparation for English and Math. That allowed me to obtain test scores in the 8 and 9 stanines—90th percentiles—which helped me get admitted into a quality high school. I couldn’t wait to work again with them for my PSAT and SAT. That’s when Danny entered the picture. With Danny’s help in the PSAT, I qualified for the National Merit Scholarship. And then he helped me raise my score yet again to 1,540 on the SAT! Thanks LA Tutors in helping me expand my college options!

Bruno S. – junior at New Roads

I was preparing for the HSPT. I had taken a practice test and scored a 90. I was applying to a school that offers financial incentives for HSPT scores of 95 or higher so my parents thought it was worth getting a tutor to try to increase my score. Turns out, they were right – my tutor, Jeremy was great! I spent 5 sessions with him over 2 months and he gave me a few practice tests which let him pinpoint the areas where I could improve and we worked on those. On the day of the test, I felt prepared and relaxed and scored well above the 95th percentile. Thank you LA Tutors. We’ll be calling you when it’s time to prepare for the SAT.

Tyler B. – incoming 9th grader at Notre Dame High School

In my time with LA Tutors I learned a lot about the ISEE in a very short amount of time. I raised my pre-test scores from 6’s to 8’s and 9’s. I learned strategies about taking the ISEE as well as content for the ISEE. Also, they have a great selection of tutors, so it was easy to choose one or more on whatever subject I needed to work on. Finally, I was able to get in Loyola High School, my first choice. Overall, I had a great experience with LA Tutors 123; Arash paid detailed attention to my progress and was always available if we had questions. I cannot recommend LA Tutors highly enough!

Gabriel B. – incoming 9th grader at Loyola High School

My daughter Samantha had a very short time to prepare for the ISEE exam. Working with LA Tutors has been a great experience for my daughter and our family. They are very knowledgeable in testing strategies for the ISEE, and have an exceptional group of tutors from the best educational institutions in the country. Each level of their staff is extremely professional and responsive. With the help of LA Tutors, they were able to identify my daughter’s strengths and the categories she needed improvement on. Her test scores improved within a few weeks and she received very high scores on the ISEE exam. We are very pleased with the service we received from LA Tutors and plan to continue working with them in the future.

David K. – father of Samantha, 5th grader at Las Vegas Day School

Our son Arik took his initial diagnostic test 2 1/2 months before his HSPT test. His scores went from about 65% to 97% in almost all categories. We are so pleased with our experience at LA Tutors. Not only did we get amazing results, but the personal service and dedication to the tutoring was outstanding. Thank you so much!

Karin L. – mother of Arik, 8th grader at Pilgrim School

When we had three months to prepare for the ISEE test, LA Tutors conducted preliminary testing to identify areas where time could be spent most effectively. The experience of taking these tests was very valuable. Follow-up testing by LA Tutors showed improvements in the areas where the tutoring was concentrated. Again this additional testing provided experience in test taking which made her more comfortable when she took the ISEE test. Michael was assigned as our tutor. His knowledge of what to expect on the ISEE test was extremely valuable and allowed him to spend time where it was most effective. Our daughter is very good at math but some of the concepts included in the ISEE test had not been covered at her school. Our current school is excellent but these were concepts that were included on the ISEE but were beyond what would normally be studied at her age. We will definitely use them in the future for test preparation.

Charles & Lei S. – parents of Katelyn, 5th grader at Turning Point

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