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Elliott H. - 11th grader

Kimberley G. - Parent

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Gus’s ACT success story is remarkable. Despite grappling with test anxiety and various challenges, Gus managed to elevate his score a remarkable leap of 12 composite points! This achievement speaks volumes about his determination and resilience, fueled by the unwavering support of his tutor, Gavin. Gavin’s dedication and expertise shone brightly throughout Gus’s preparation. With patience, encouragement, and tailored strategies, Gavin helped Gus overcome his test anxiety and equipped him with the skills and confidence needed to excel. Gus’s achievement is a testament to his hard work and Gavin’s guidance. He surpassed his own expectations and emerged victorious, demonstrating that with the right support and mindset, anything is possible. Gus and his family are thrilled with his ACT accomplishment. Thank you LA Tutors.

Mother of Gus, 11th grader at Harvard Westlake School

We’re thrilled to announce some fantastic news about Bella’s private school application: she has received an offer from her dream school, Harvard Westlake School! We’re incredibly grateful for the support and guidance provided by your team at LA TUTORS. Your assistance, especially with the ISEE, played a crucial role in Bella achieving an outstanding score. Additionally, she has shown remarkable progress in her daily school studies, thanks to your team’s dedication. Our entire family deeply appreciates each member of your team. Without your invaluable help, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone. Your team’s professionalism and hard work will undoubtedly inspire Bella to face and overcome any future challenges. We wish every student the same success and enjoyment in their studies with the LA TUTORS team. Thank you immensely for everything!

Father of Bella, Incoming 7th Grader at Harvard-Westlake School
Isabella T.

I am writing to praise and thank Arash and Gray from LA Tutors for the incredible service they have provided for my daughter. They showed a level of expertise, reliability, and flexibility that I found to be invaluable. My daughter studied for the ACT, English, Math, and Physics and each topic was handled perfectly by the appropriate highly-knowledgeable tutor. Their expertise was obvious from the results she achieved. The reliability of the tutors was also without question as they always made sure to match the perfect tutor to my daughter’s learning style so that the lessons could be as productive and engaging as possible. Moreover, my daughter has quite a busy schedule, yet the tutors were able to work with this and remained flexible to ensure that the tutoring sessions could still take place. My daughter’s hard work, coupled with LA Tutors’ dedication and skill, have culminated in her being accepted to Class of 2028 at an Ivy League university. This is an outcome that I firmly believe would not have been possible without LA Tutors.

Gabby T.
Mother of Isabella, Senior at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton
Sharona K.

I was a nervous mom trying to get my son into middle school. LA Tutors came highly recommended by a friend, so I called their Executive Director, Arash back in June to get advice. He was extremely helpful and took the time to understand our needs and explained the process. He truly cared and promised to take us through the entire process. We started with an ISEE diagnostic test to get a bassline for my son’s Math and English levels. He then paired us with Theo – who was the most AMAZING test prep tutor. After working with Theo for 5 months my son’s scores went up in the math sections – which are generally the most difficult sections. We’re so pleased to hear that our son got accepted to his top choice Harvard-Westlake School in a particularly competitive year. We couldn’t be happier about LA Tutors’ support and highly recommend them to everyone.

Sharona K.
Incoming 7th Grader at Harvard-Westlake School
Zarah G.

We were introduced to LA Tutors through family friends who utilized their services for their daughter’s ISEE preparation. At the start of the summer, LA Tutors administered a practice examination for Zarah and as a result of that examination, we learned that she needed support in math, as her reading and verbal scores were strong. We had Zarah work independently during the summer, but realized toward the latter part of the summer that there were still some areas in the math section of the ISEE where she still needed some support. We reached out the LA Tutors and they connected us with one of their fabulous tutors, Gray, who was able to show Zarah some wonderful test-taking strategies and teach some of the more complex mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner. As a result, Zarah’s math score jumped from 4 to an 8!

Kimberley G.
Mother of Zarah, 5th grader at Escuela Plus Elementary School