Elliott H. - 11th grader

Kimberley G. - Parent

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Zarah G.

We were introduced to LA Tutors through family friends who utilized their services for their daughter’s ISEE preparation. At the start of the summer, LA Tutors administered a practice examination for Zarah and as a result of that examination, we learned that she needed support in math, as her reading and verbal scores were strong. We had Zarah work independently during the summer, but realized toward the latter part of the summer that there were still some areas in the math section of the ISEE where she still needed some support. We reached out the LA Tutors and they connected us with one of their fabulous tutors, Gray, who was able to show Zarah some wonderful test-taking strategies and teach some of the more complex mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner. As a result, Zarah’s math score jumped from 4 to an 8!

Kimberley G.
Mother of Zarah, 5th grader at Escuela Plus Elementary School
Jessica Kim

After taking both SAT and ACT practice tests, we decided to work on the ACT which was a better fit. I worked with LA Tutors to help me prepare for the test, and I couldn’t be happier. Chris and Albert were my tutors, who were very knowledgeable and extremely patient with me. Before tutoring I scored 27 on the ACT, but by the end, my score went up to 34, a 7-point improvement. Everyone at LA Tutors was helpful and consistently checked up on my progress and kept in touch with my parents. Overall, I would recommend working with LA Tutors to all my friends and family members.

Jessica K.
Senior at Mira Costa High School
Chloe S.

I am the parent of a fiercely independent, high-achieving high school senior, who takes outside college coursework in addition to multiple AP courses in her high school. This may seem to be an untraditional student profile for tutoring services, but I could not be more satisfied with the work that LA Tutors has done with my daughter Chloe. We both have great appreciation and respect for each tutor who met with Chloe, not only for their knowledge base and subject matter expertise but for their ability to understand and approach learning on a very individual level. Tutoring definitely helped and it showed — she has scored 5’s on all four of her AP courses and in the 99th percentile on her ACT! The knowledge and skills accumulated with LA Tutors not only prepared my child extremely well for standardized testing but set her up for success in college and beyond.

Jillisa S.
Mother of Chloe, Senior at Pacifica Christian High School
Bruno S.

I have been preparing for standardized tests with LA Tutors for the past four years. I started with the ISEE test after I got concerned with average marks in the practice tests. My father arranged two specialized tutors with Arash, which got me the best preparation for English and Math. That allowed me to obtain test scores in the 8 and 9 stanines—90th percentiles—which helped me get admitted into a quality high school. I couldn’t wait to work again with them for my PSAT and SAT. That’s when Danny entered the picture. With Danny’s help in the PSAT, I qualified for the National Merit Scholarship. And then he helped me raise my score yet again to 1,540 on the SAT! Thanks LA Tutors in helping me expand my college options!

Bruno S.
Junior at New Roads
Tyler B.

I was preparing for the HSPT. I had taken a practice test and scored a 90. I was applying to a school that offers financial incentives for HSPT scores of 95 or higher so my parents thought it was worth getting a tutor to try to increase my score. Turns out, they were right – my tutor, Jeremy was great! I spent 5 sessions with him over 2 months and he gave me a few practice tests which let him pinpoint the areas where I could improve and we worked on those. On the day of the test, I felt prepared and relaxed and scored well above the 95th percentile. Thank you LA Tutors. We’ll be calling you when it’s time to prepare for the SAT.

Tyler B.
Incoming 9th Grader at Notre Dame High School