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The ISEE is one of the most challenging standardized tests, featuring plenty of advanced material, a steep grading curve, and fierce competition for limited slots at prestigious secondary schools. Place your student above the curve with our proprietary diagnostic test for the lower-level, middle-level or upper-level ISEE.

Our diagnostic takes less than one hour to complete from the comfort of your home and breaks down each student’s starting score into easy-to-understand graphs and statistics. With the help of full-length practice tests, our precise analytics track your student’s progress over the course of your program, giving your tutor the tools to devise and adjust a personalized course of study.


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Our teaching is more efficient, more flexible, and ultimately more effective than typical big-company test prep because it is exclusively one-on-one. Our lessons are tailored to each student and their learning styles, ensuring they derive maximum benefit from their instruction time.

Our tutors have, on average, 5 to 10 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise, as well as a proven record of improving scores across all levels of the ISEE and other standardized tests. Age-appropriate lesson plans enable students to stay engaged with the topic during lessons, and practice productively in between. Our tutors have helped hundreds of students and their families with not just entrance exams, but the interview, the essays, and the rest of the application process as well.



Over the last decade, we have helped hundreds of students discover new interests, master difficult subjects, and learn how to learn. In fact, we are so confident that you will be happy with your results that we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee*.


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On the phone or in person, our Program Director will propose to you several possible courses of study. Each will involve tailored approaches to subject scores, coaching goals, levels of technological integration, and variations of community support from parents, teachers, peers, administrators, and admissions counselors. Once we design a plan that fits your student, we can get started with your personal tutor. Below is an example of four individualized curricula we offer for ISEE test preparation.



1-2 Full-Length Practice Tests
2-5 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students who want a crash course in test-prep strategy, would like to focus on one section, are looking to make short-term gains, or have limited time.



2-3 Full-Length Practice Tests
5-10 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students close to their target score who want basic help on the essentials, or extensive tutoring on one to two sections.



3-4 Full-Length Practice Tests
2-4 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want a comprehensive review of the entire test, including test-taking strategies, and are looking for a significant score increase.



3-5 Full-Length Practice Tests
3-5 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want extensive help with the entire test, including test-taking strategies and all academic content, and are looking to maximize their score increase.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We were so pleased with our experience with LA Tutors. Kiera worked with Sophia for 2 months to prepare for the Upper Level ISEE and raised her scores significantly. They offered an extremely comprehensive and personalized program, identifying Kiera’s weaknesses, and working with her to develop and strengthen her skills. We were thrilled with Kiera’s final test results. We feel that she really learned in her time with Sophia – growing as a student in ways that will benefit her forever.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I studied with Theo for about 2 months. Theo was very patient with me and did a great job of making difficult concepts clear to me. On the day of the test, I was relaxed and confident and my scores on the real ISEE were higher than I ever thought they could be! My mom did a lot of research before determining that LA Tutors was the right company for me. I am very glad she did! We highly recommend LA Tutors to anyone who needs a tutor.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Gavin at LA Tutors met with me one-on-one in my home. He was very pleasant, very patient, and very clear in explaining concepts. He also gave me a lot of test-taking strategies and practice tests. My stanine scores went up by over 3 points on all sections compared to my initial scores. I also learned strategies and concepts that I apply in school, so LA Tutors was a win for me. A big thumbs UP!!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When I reached out to Arash at LA Tutors, my daughter was scoring 2’s in the math sections on her practice ISEE tests. He set up a realistic tutoring schedule and hooked us up with the super tutor, Theo, who not only taught the concepts, but encouraged Sydney and kept us all sane! I truly felt like I had a dream team behind us. In two short months, she pulled her math scores up to 5’s and 6’s and her Verbal Reasoning was almost perfect with an 8! LA Tutors gave our daughter a newfound confidence in herself! We couldn’t be happier!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When our son Max had 2 weeks to prepare for his ISEE exams, we contacted LA Tutors and Arash responded immediately. Within one day Max was engaged in an intense tutoring course with the amazing Angela. Miraculously, when the day came, Max’s practice math and quant scores increased from 2/3’s to 7’s and he scored in the 87% percentile on reading comprehension. We recommend Arash and LA Tutors to anyone looking to improve their children's ISEE performance and potential however short the preparation period.

★ ★ ★ ★

When we had three months to prepare for the ISEE test, LA Tutors conducted preliminary testing to identify areas where time could be spent most effectively. Michael was assigned as our tutor -- his knowledge of what to expect on the ISEE test was extremely valuable and allowed him to spend time where it was most effective. Our daughter is very good at math but some of the concepts included in the ISEE test had not been covered at her school. We will definitely use them in the future for test preparation.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Working with LA Tutors has been a great experience for my daughter and our family. They are very knowledgeable in testing strategies for the ISEE, and have an exceptional group of tutors from the best educational institutions in the country. Her test scores improved within a few weeks and she received very high scores on the ISEE exam. We are very pleased with the service we received from LA Tutors and plan to continue working with them in the future.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In my time with LA Tutors I learned a lot about the ISEE in a very short amount of time. I raised my scores from 6’s to 8’s and 9’s. I was able to get in Loyola High School, my first choice. Overall, I had a great experience with LA Tutors; Arash paid detailed attention to my progress and was always available if we had questions. I cannot recommend LA Tutors highly enough!