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What sets us apart?

We believe in more than just academic achievement– we believe in evolution: the evolution of students, of communities, and educational technologies.

At LA Tutors – we use a cutting-edge methodology that is:

Community Supported

Our focus is to serve the Los Angeles community. We all live in LA – most of us were born here and went to school here. We know LA schools, teachers, counselors, admissions teams, and staff … from security guards to presidents to PTAs. If you go to school in LA or want to go to school in LA – we can take care of you like nobody else. We believe in working locally, building community, and prioritizing long term relationships.

Personally Transformative

You will get a hand-picked tutor who often has a decade or more of teaching experience and usually has an advanced degree in the specific area for which your child needs help. On top of that, we go to great lengths to train our tutors with a coaching methodology that allows them to mentor the student. Our tutoring and mentoring process enhances students’ self-knowledge, empowers their goal setting, and clarifies their values.

Technologically Empowering

We integrate cutting-edge educational technology to empower and engage students. We integrate video conferencing when applicable, use the latest in educational software, apps, and websites, and even develop our own proprietary grading software to comprehensively gauge student progress. We are constantly updating best practices in ed-tech, and we are committed to giving students a competitive edge for their whole academic career.

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