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Three students in a room doing their classwork together

CHSPE changing to the CPP

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What was the CHSPE? For years, students who wanted to qualify to leave high school early in California took the California High School Proficiency Exam (or CHSPE). A passing score on the CHSPE allowed students to leave high school to pursue their professional or educational goals. Many students used their passing CHSPE grade to enter…

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Transitioning to High School: Tips for Navigating the Change Smoothly

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Congratulations to your 8th grade graduate! With the transition to high school comes new opportunities, experiences, and challenges. Here are a handful of things that you and your student can expect, along with tips for each of you to make the transition as smooth as possible. Academics More flexibility with class electives High school students…

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Learning to Love the Personal Statement: How to Rethink Your Relationship to the College Essay

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Let me start by saying: dread is a reasonable feeling when it comes to approaching the personal statement. Say you’ve navigated the last three years with nothing but energy and persistence. Say you’ve gotten up at 6am every weekday for lacrosse practice, or for the AP Music Theory class that was only available at a…

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The Post-Admissions Landscape for Middle and High School Applicants

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By Priya Nambiar, Nambiar Advising ( Come April, after the K-12 admissions season, it’s time to take a deep breath. The previous nine to 12 months have been a flurry of open houses, school tours, campus visits, sporting events, and plays. Then there were the actual applications, which demanded essays (from students and parents!), interviews,…

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